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Annual Babel Lecture 2019

Annual Babel Lecture, May 2019


cookies at the Annual Babel Lecture

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Clint Parker at University of Arizona

Third year PhD student Clint Parker is at the University of Arizona this week for two conferences.  This past weekend he presented a poster at the Symposium on American Indian Languages.  His poster, based on work from his second Eval paper, was titled “On the roles and responsibilities of universities in Indigenous Language Revitalization: A Canadian Perspective”.  Next weekend he will give a talk titled “Agreement, clitic doubling, and vestigial ergativity in Shughni” at the Second North American Conference on Iranian Linguistics.

Clint with at his poster with SAIL organizer Wilson Silva

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FLYM 2019

Jessica returned last week from the University of Florida in Gainesville April 5-6 for the 5th Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting (FLYM) where she gave a plenary talk, presenting collaborative work with Nico Baier and Ted Levin. The title of her talk was titled: “Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint”. A new manuscript of this work is available here. The theme of this year’s conference was the UN’s declared International Year of Indigenous Languages.

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Talk at UK Biennial of Contemporary Art in Liverpool

Last week I gave a talk on Arrival at the UK Biennial of Contemporary Art in Liverpool. This was the last of a series of ten public lectures the Biennial hosted from academics around the world.

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Justin Royer at NELS

Justin Royer presented a poster on Chuj nominal classifiers, “Domain restriction and noun classifiers in Chuj (Mayan)”, at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS 49) at Cornell University last week.

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Jessica in Calgary and St. John’s

Jessica gave two invited colloquium talks last month. She was at the University of Calgary where she gave a talk “Feature Gluttony and the Syntax of Hierarchy Effects” (collaborative work with Stefan Keine, draft paper now on LingBuzz). Later in September she traveled to Memorial University Newfoundland and presented “Deriving Verb-Initial Word Order in Mayan” (collaborative work with Lauren Clemens, recently published in the journal Language).

from a hike with Calgary linguists

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Fieldwork Lab at FAMLi V

Fieldwork Lab members of past and present were in Antigua Guatemala last week for the 5th meeting of Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi V). Jessica gave a plenary talk titled ‘Construyendo verbos en chuj y ch’ol.’ Other talks and posters were:

  • Scott AnderBois, Oscar Chan Dzul, Jessica Coon, and Juan Jesús Vázquez Álvarez – Free relatives in Ch’ol and Yucatec Maya and the typology of headless relative clauses
  • Paulina Elias (BA ’18) – El rol de los direccionales en construcciones posicionales y locativas en Chu
  • Cora Lesure (BA ’15) – Chuj glottalized vowels across contexts
  • Carol-Rose Little (BA ’12) & Morelia Vázquez Martínez (RA) – La distribución e interpretación de sustantivos en el Ch’ol: Un estudio práctico de corpus
  • Justin Royer (PhD) – Las configuraciones referenciales en Chuj
  • Justin Royer (PhD) & Luis Alonso-Ovalle – La expresión de la modalidad de decisión arbitraria en Chuj

Morelia, Justin, Cora, Paulina, Robert, Jessica, and Carol-Rose

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Fieldwork Lab at SULA 10

Paulina Elias presented her work on Chuj at the 10th meeting of Semantics of Under-reprented Languages of the Americas (SULA 10), which took place last weekend at the University of Toronto. The title of her poster was “Stage-level Positionals and Locatives in Chuj”.

Carol-Rose Little (McGill BA ’12), now a PhD student at Cornell University, was an invited speaker. Her talk was “Possessed Numerals in Ch’ol”.

Carol-Rose and Paulina at SULA

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Chuj group to Mexico City

Jessica Coon, Paulina Elias, and Justin Royer will head to Mexico City to present work on Chuj

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Fieldwork Lab at WSCLA

Two members of the Fieldwork Lab presented at the 23rd Workshop on Structure and Constituency of Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 23), held last week at the University of Ottawa. Paulina Elias presented “The role of directionals in positional and locative constructions in Chuj”, and Nico Baier presented collaborative work with Zachary O’Hagen (Berkeley), titled “Morphological Reflexes of Subject Extraction in Caquinte”.

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