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Pedro Mateo Pedro’s visit

Pedro Mateo Pedro (Universidad del Valle de Guatemala; University of Maryland) visited McGill this week in connection with the Chuj lab’s collaborative language research and documentation project. Pedro gave a guest lecture in LING 410 Structure of Mayan, and presented his work with the Field Station in Guatemala, a joint project between U.V.G. and U. Maryland.

Pedro presenting at Ling-Tea

Pedro presenting at Ling-Tea

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McGill at WSCLA

This year’s Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) will take place at UQÀM, April 1st–3rd. Presentations by current and former Fieldwork Lab affiliates include…

  • Colin Brown (McGill) – Revisiting ergativity in Gitksan
  • Lauren Clemens (SUNY-Albany) and Jessica Coon (McGill) – Deriving Mayan V1: A Fresh Look at Ch’ol
  • Hadas Kotek (McGill) and Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (Singapore National University) – Non-interrogative wh-constructions in Chuj
  • Carol-Rose Little (Cornell) – Agreement and animacy on Mi’gmaq transitive verbs
  • Elise McClay (UBC) and Violet Birdstone (UBC) – Interpretation of Ktunaxa wh-indefinites

WSCLA is co-organized by former Post-doc Richard Compton. The rest of the program is available here.

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Cora Lesure at McGill Undergraduate Research Symposium



Recent BA graduate Cora Lesure presented her work from her Summer 2015 ARIA award at this year’s Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event. This work formed part of her Honours thesis on Ch’ol prosody, which she completed this past semester co-supervised by Jessica Coon and recent postdoc, Lauren Clemens. Congrats Cora!

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McGill at the LSA/SSILA

McGill field-working linguists were in Washington DC for the 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America, January 7–10th. The LSA meeting also includes the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of Latin America.

Presentations from McGill fieldworkers of past and present include…

  • Colin Brown (McGill University): Genitive/ergative in Gitksan (SSILA)
  • Hadas Kotek (McGill University), Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (National University of Singapore; former McGill postdoc): Unifying definite and indefinite free relatives: evidence from Mayan
  • Cora Lesure (McGill University), Lauren Clemens (SUNY Albany; former McGill postdoc): Prosodic boundary marking in Ch’ol: acoustic indicators and their applications (SSILA)

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Douglas Gordon at OCLU

BA student Douglas Gordon presented at the seventh Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU) December 4th and 5th. His talk was based on ongoing work on Mi’gmaq, and titled “Asymmetric coordination in Mi’gmaq”.

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Mayan presentations at CILLA

Jessica Coon and BA Honours student Cora Lesure recently traveled to the University of Texas at Austin for the 7th Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA). The title of Jessica’s talk was “Inergativos, antipasivos y la categorización de raíces: Evidencia en Chuj.” Cora is presenting collaborative research with recent Postdoc Lauren Clemens (SUNY Albany): “An investigation of the acoustic correlates of prosodic phrasing in Chol.” This work will form part of Cora’s BA Honours thesis.

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Erlewine & Kotek on wh-quantification in Tibetan

Michael Erlewine (Singapore) and Hadas Kotek (McGill) recently presented their work on Dharamsala Tibetan at the 37th International Conference of the Linguistic Society of India (ICOLSI-37) at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India. The title of their talk, which grew out of work with Tashi Wangyal here at McGill, is ‘Wh-quantification in Dharamsala Tibetan’. An abstract and slides are available here.

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Mayan presentations at NELS 46

There were two presentations at this year’s NELS 46 involving work on Mayan by current and former Fieldwork Lab members.

  • Robert Henderson (Arizona) & Jessica Coon (McGill) – ‘When adverbs embed clauses: An explanation of variability in Kaqchikel Agent Focus’ [handout]
  • Hadas Kotek (McGill), Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (U. Singapore) – ‘Unifying Definite and indefinite free relatives: Evidence from Mayan’ [manuscript]

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Tibetan presentation at ICSTLL

McGill BA student Nadia Famularo, recent graduate Madeleine Mees, and Tibetan consultant Tashi Wangyal, traveled to UC Santa Barbara last week to present collaborative work at ICSTLL: The International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. The work grew out of the 2014 Field Methods class on Tibetan. The title of their talk was “Ergative marking in Dharamsala Tibetan”.

Maddie, Nadia, and Tashi, between conference talks

Maddie, Nadia, and Tashi, between conference talks

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Lizzie Carolan’s Chuj presentation now online!

Lizzie Carolan (McGill BA ’14 and current RA) presented her work on Chuj at last year’s VocUM conference at Université de Montréal, a “colloque multidisciplinaire en traduction, linguistique, litteìratures et langues modernes.” Her talk was titled “An exploration of tense in Chuj” and is based on her ongoing work with Magdalena Torres here at McGill. It can now be viewed online here.

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