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Coon and Carolan Chuj article in Glossa

This issue of the journal Glossa includes an article on Chuj by Jessica Coon and Lizzie Carolan (BA ’14 and former Chuj Lab manager): ‘Nominalization and the structure of the progressives in Chuj Mayan’. The full article is available on the Glossa page.

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Language and Linguistics Compass

A special “Mayan Linguistics” edition of the journal Language and Linguistics Compass was just published, featuring articles by Ryan Bennett, Jessica Coon, and Robert Henderson. (

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Yuliya Manyakina’s MA thesis

Congratulations to Yuliya Manyakina who just completed her MA thesis on noun incorporation in Mi’gmaq. Her thesis can be downloaded here. Yuliya first began working on Mi’gmaq during the 2011 Field Methods course at McGill, and has been an active member of the Mi’gmaq Research Partnership.

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