Ergativity/Fieldwork Lab Meeting 11/21

The Ergativity/Fieldwork Lab will be meeting on Monday, 11/21, from 12-1pm in room 002.

Jessica Coon will be presenting her FAMLi4 talk, titled “Building roots in Chuj and Ch’ol”.


In this talk I examine verb-stem forming morphology in two Mayan languages: Chuj and Ch’ol. I show how the inventory of v/Voice heads has an effect on the available types of verbs in each language. Specifically, I investigate the division of labor between the root and functional heads, arguing that roots are not entirely acategorical, but must come minimally with information about whether they assign a thematic role to an internal argument.

Recommended reading is Coon (2016), “Unergatives, antipassives, and roots in Chuj”.

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