Ergativity/Fieldwork Lab Meeting – 3/31

The Ergativity/Fieldwork Lab will be meeting on Friday, 3/31, from 1-2pm in room 117.

Clint is giving a talk titled “Two possibilities for Bobangi agreement and their implications”.

Abstract: Clint is planning to present on nominal concord and subject-verb agreement in Bobangi, which is the Bantu language the Field Methods class is currently studying.┬áThere is some ambiguity in whether or not certain types of agreement are grammatical, and he will be presenting about the analyses of each possibility (i.e. what happens if they are grammatical, what happens if they aren’t).
Recommended readings are the following:
1. When agreement is for number and gender but not person (Baker 2011) – sections 1 and 2
2. A theory of nominal concord (Norris 2014 – PhD dissertation) – Introduction (and subsections 3.4-3.5 for anyone who is feeling ambitious)

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