Fieldwork Lab meeting, 11/29

The last Fieldwork Lab meeting of the semester took will take place November 29, from 4:00-5:30 in Room 002 (basement) of the Linguistics Building. There will be four presentations on language-related community engagement and outreach:

Javier Domingo (UdeM): Ethics in fieldwork and ethnographic relationships: The case of the documentation of Tehuelche (TEH)

Ben Oldham (McGill): ARIA Project on the challenges fieldworkers face in navigating social relationships in the field and the importance of bringing the community into fieldwork in a considerate way

Clint Parker (McGill): Indigenous languages in Canada and McGill’s Symposium on the University’s Role in Supporting Indigenous languages

Robbie Felix (UdeM):  how we can make language transmission more effective and decolonize language transmission, while also respecting indigenous autonomy

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