Welcome to the McGill Linguistic Fieldwork Lab! This semester (Winter 2019), Fieldwork Lab is meeting once a month in Linguistics Department room 117. You can find information about upcoming meetings on McLing, or contact Clint Parker for details.

Currently there is active research by students and other group members on Chichewa (Bantu), Kabyle (Amazigh), Chuj (Mayan), Ch’ol (Mayan), Malay (Austronesian), Shughni (Pamir), Georgian (Kartvelian), and Tagalog (Austronesian). Scroll down for current news and events and contact me if you’d like to get involved.

Many of these projects have grown out of Field Methods classes taught at McGill:


Who's involved
  • Nico Baier – Postdoc; Amazigh languages
  • Henrison Hsieh – PhD Student; Tagalog
  • Ben Oldham – BA student; Bantu languages
  • Clint Parker – PhD student; Pamir languages
  • Justin Royer – PhD student; Chuj
  • Karima Ouazar – Kabyle language consultant
  • Matthieu Paillé – PhD student; Malay, Ojibwe
  • Michaela Socolof – PhD student; Georgian
  • Magdalena Torres – Chuj language consultant
  |   Connections
  |   Former members
  • Carolyn Anderson – Fulbright Fellow 2015; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Louisa Bielig – BA 2015; Chuj morphosyntax, Ergativity Lab
  • Colin Brown – MA 2016; Gitskan
  • Lizzie Carolan – BA 2014; Chuj Lab Manager; Chuj, tense and aspect
  • Lauren Clemens – Postdoctoral Fellow 2014–2015; Chol prosody
  • Richard Compton – Postdoctoral Fellow 2013–2014; Inuktitut & Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Paulina Elias – BA Student; Chuj
  • Michael Erlewine – Postdoctoral Fellow 2014–2015; Ergativity Lab, Chuj, Tibetan
  • Nadia Famularo – BA 2015; Tibetan
  • Lydia Felice  – BA Honours 2017; Student; Kabyle
  • Douglas Gordon – BA 2016; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Michael Hamilton – PhD 2015; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Robert Henderson – Postdoctoral Fellow 2012–2013; Mayan
  • Liwen Hou – BA Honours 2013; Chuj syntax
  • Hadas Kotek – Postdoctoral Research fellow; Chuj, Tibetan
  • Cora LeSure – BA Honours 2015; Ch’ol prosody, Chuj
  • Carol Little – BA Honours 2012; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Yuliya Manyakina – MA 2015; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Madeleine Mees – BA 2015; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership, Tibetan
  • Janine Metallic – PhD Education; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership, Mi’gmaq language consultant
  • Sarah Mihuc – BA Honours 2017; Kabyle, Chuj
  • Dejan Milacic – MA student 2017; Kabyle
  • Elise McClay – BA Honours 2012; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Gretchen McCulloch – MA 2013; Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
  • Martha Schwarz – MA 2017; Nepali, Kabyle
  • Joyce Xiao – BA 2015; Chuj research
  • Tashi Wangyal – Filmmaker; Tibetan language consultant




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Indigenous Ally Toolkit

The Montreal Aboriginal Network has put together this pamphlet for Indigenous allyship, especially useful for those in the Montreal area.


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Bridging communities and universities through language engagement

Last May McGill hosted a Symposium on the Role of the University in Supporting Indigenous Languages. The symposium was organized in response to the Final Report of the Provost’s Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education, which called on McGill to strengthen support of Indigenous languages.

The resulting Vision Paper has now been published online, and is available on the symposium webpage here.

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Workshop on Amazigh Languages, 3/21 – Save the date!

McGill linguistics will host a Workshop on Amazigh languages on March 21st. The workshop will have invited talks by Karim Achab (University of Ottawa), Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Khokha Fahloune (UQAM), as well as short presentations on Kabyle by the students in this semester’s Field Methods course. A full schedule will be released soon. Attendance is free and all are welcome! For more information, contact organizer Nico Baier.

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Fieldwork Group on Thursday, 1/31 – ELAN Tutorial by Justin

The first Fieldwork Group meeting of the semester will take place on Thursday, January 31, from 4:30-6:00 in Room 117 of the Linguistics Building.  Justin will give a tutorial on the language documentation software ELAN.  Attendees are asked to download ELAN before the meeting in order to follow along, as we will be transcribing some (Quebec!) French data together.  All are welcome!

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Ben Oldham’s research showcased at McGill

BA honours student Ben Oldham‘s research was showcased on McGill’s Faculty of Arts website this week:

Ben conducted summer research funded by a McGill Arts Research Internship Award and will present his work this Monday at the annual McGill Undergraduate Research Event. He summarized his results in this Intro to Fieldwork blog page, which also includes lots of references. Congrats Ben!

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Chuj article published in Journal of Linguistics

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Carol-Rose Little and Morelia Vázquez in the news

See Cornell’s recent article on McGill BA/Fieldwork Lab alum Carol-Rose Little (now a PhD student at Cornell) and her collaborative work with Ch’ol speaker Morelia Vázquez Martínez!

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Assistant Professor position in Indigenous Language Linguistics and Education

The Department of Linguistics and the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill have a new joint tenure-track position in Indigenous languages! Applications are due January 4th, and more information, along with a link to the application, can be found here: https://www.mcgill.ca/linguistics/opportunities-visitors/employment/assistant-professor-indigenous-language-linguistics-and-education

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Fieldwork Lab meeting, 11/29

The last Fieldwork Lab meeting of the semester took will take place November 29, from 4:00-5:30 in Room 002 (basement) of the Linguistics Building. There will be four presentations on language-related community engagement and outreach:

Javier Domingo (UdeM): Ethics in fieldwork and ethnographic relationships: The case of the documentation of Tehuelche (TEH)

Ben Oldham (McGill): ARIA Project on the challenges fieldworkers face in navigating social relationships in the field and the importance of bringing the community into fieldwork in a considerate way

Clint Parker (McGill): Indigenous languages in Canada and McGill’s Symposium on the University’s Role in Supporting Indigenous languages

Robbie Felix (UdeM):  how we can make language transmission more effective and decolonize language transmission, while also respecting indigenous autonomy

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November Fieldwork Lab meeting, 11/1

The Fieldwork Lab will meet Thursday November 1 from 4:00–5:30 in Linguistics room 117. This week we will hear short presentations on data elicitation and data gathering puzzles, with presentations by Natalia Brambatti Guzzo (on a phonological experiment in Southern Brazilian Portuguese), Henrison Hsieh (on Tagalog relative clauses), Matthew Schuurman (on Inuktitut coordination), and Michaela Socolof (on correlative clauses in Georgian).

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