Georges Awaad in Montreal Gazette

Undergraduate Field Work Lab member Georges Awaad was featured this week in the Montreal Gazette for his impressive command of languages. While we know that speaking lots of languages isn’t necessary for being a linguist, it certainly doesn’t hurt! Georges began research Chuj (Mayan) this past year, which is the language alluded to at the end of the article

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Annual Babel Lecture 2019

Annual Babel Lecture, May 2019


cookies at the Annual Babel Lecture

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Justin Royer in Yuxquen

Justin is currently doing fieldwork in Yuxquen, a Chuj community located in Guatemala. While in Guatemala, Justin will be working on several projects, including a new project on the interface between syntax and prosody in Chuj, the focus of his second Eval paper. For this research trip, Justin is funded by a McGill Graduate Mobility Award.

Justin in Yuxquen with Yun and Elsa

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Clint Parker at University of Arizona

Third year PhD student Clint Parker is at the University of Arizona this week for two conferences.  This past weekend he presented a poster at the Symposium on American Indian Languages.  His poster, based on work from his second Eval paper, was titled “On the roles and responsibilities of universities in Indigenous Language Revitalization: A Canadian Perspective”.  Next weekend he will give a talk titled “Agreement, clitic doubling, and vestigial ergativity in Shughni” at the Second North American Conference on Iranian Linguistics.

Clint with at his poster with SAIL organizer Wilson Silva

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FLYM 2019

Jessica returned last week from the University of Florida in Gainesville April 5-6 for the 5th Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting (FLYM) where she gave a plenary talk, presenting collaborative work with Nico Baier and Ted Levin. The title of her talk was titled: “Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint”. A new manuscript of this work is available here. The theme of this year’s conference was the UN’s declared International Year of Indigenous Languages.

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Fieldwork Lab Meeting, 4/11 – Scott AnderBois

At Fieldwork Group this week (Thursday 4/11 from 4:30-6:00 in Room 117), Scott AnderBois (Brown University) will present on a project he co-directs geared toward the documentation of the A’ingae language (Isolate, Ecuador).  He will also present some software he and his students have developed during the project.  The software, called LingView, provides a browser-based user interface to display annotated audio/video materials from ELAN and written materials from FLEx.

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Workshop on Amazigh Languages

The Montreal Workshop on Amazigh Languages took place last week, March 21st and 22nd, and was a big success. The workshop included invited talks by Karim Achab (University of Ottawa), Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Khokha Fahloune (UQAM), and by organizer Nico Baier (McGill Univeristy) as well as short presentations on Kabyle by the students in this semester’s Field Methods course. The workshop was made possible by a SSHRC Insight Grant on Agreement and Anti-Agreement Across Languages.

discussion during Khokha Fahloune’s talk on agreement and clitics


Karim Achab demonstrates verb paradigms


Jessica Coon, Karim Achab, Nico Baier, Sadia Nahi, Hamid Ouali, Khokha Fahloune


workshop dinner: Karima Ouazar, Sadia Nahi, Justin Royer, Khokha Fahloune, Hamid Ouali, Nico Baier, Jessica Coon


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Workshop on Amazigh Languages, 3/21–3/22

Tomorrow and Friday, March 21st and 22nd, McGill will host a Workshop on Amazigh Languages, featuring invited talks by Karim Achab (University of Ottawa), Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Khokha Fahloune (UQAM), as well as short presentations on Kabyle by the students in this semester’s Field Methods course.

Thursday, the talks will be held in Leacock 738. Talks start at 10am, with small refreshments being served from 9:30

All are welcome! Below, find the titles/times of the four long talks for the conference. For a detailed scheduled and abstracts for the talks, please visit the workshop website, linked below.

Thursday, March 21st (Leacock 738)
1:00 — 2:00: Karim Achab — Diachronic and Synchronic Account of Anti-Agreement in Amazigh Languages
2:00 — 3:00: Hamid Ouali — On Tense and Aspect in Tamazight
3:30 — 4:30: Khokha Fahloune — Retour sur les marqueurs sujet et objet en kabyle
4:30 — 5:30: Nico Baier — Person Case Constraint Effects in Kabyle

Please feel free to drop by for any of the talks!

This workshop is supported by a SSHRC Insight Grant.

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Fieldwork Lab meetings 3/14 and 4/11

We will have two more meetings this semester, March 14 (this coming Thursday) and April 11.  Both meetings will take place in Room 117 of the Linguistics Building (1085 Av du Docteur Penfield).  Here’s what we’ll be doing in each:

March 14: Ethics and good practices in fieldwork

  • Richard will be presenting on ethics and REB.
  • We will be discussing a reading by Macaulay (2004), attached here, titled Training students on the realities of fieldwork

April 11: Guest presentation by Scott AnderBois (Brown University)

  • Scott will be in town giving a colloquium at McGill and will present at our April 11 meeting
  • He will present a language documentation project he co-directs on A’ingae (Isolate, Ecuador), including some software that he and his students have made along with the project.

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Indigenous Ally Toolkit

The Montreal Aboriginal Network has put together this pamphlet for Indigenous allyship, especially useful for those in the Montreal area.


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